How to choose the right duvet cover

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A duvet cover is a protective fabric cover that slips over your duvet just like how a pillowcase works with a pillow. If you use duvet regularly in your bedroom, there are number of reasons why you should invest in a good quality duvet. Our guide blow provides helpful information about the benefits of having a duvet cover. It also highlights the factors you should consider when buying a duvet cover.

Benefits of a Duvet Cover

There are number of reasons to start using a duvet cover with your duvet or quilt. A duvet cover will protect your duvet from stains, dirt and dust. The duvet cover itself is removable form the duvet and can be washed easily using a washing machine. Without a duvet cover, it will be very inconvenience to take your bulky duvet to a laundry or to a dry clean. A duvet cover will also act as a first layer guard against the wear and tear of your duvet. As duvet covers come in various colours and prints, it is an inexpensive choice to change the look of your bedroom. Instead of having various colourful duvets to match the bedroom accessories, a single duvet with different colour and pattern duvet covers will do the same job. Also as duvet covers come in different materials (cotton duvet covers, poly cotton duvet covers, line duvet covers etc), you can use them according to the season of the year.

Things to consider when buying duvet covers

There are various things you need to consider when buying a duvet covers. some of them are:


Duvet covers come in various sizes just like bed sheets. They start from single and go all the way up to super king. It is also advisable to read the size guide when you are buying online or offline to make sure that a duvet cover will cover you duvet precisely.


The most common material for duvet covers are cotton and poly cotton (a mixture of cotton and polyester). A duvet cover made from these materials tends to be very comfortable, easy to wash and care and come in various colours and prints making an obvious choice for most people.

 Thread Count

A duvet cover also has a thread count similar to other bedding. A thread counts is a measure of threads in one square inch and can range from 100 up to 1000. It is also shown as TC by some manufacturers. Any duvet cover with over 180 thread counts is considered a good duvet cover. A duvet cover with 300 and above thread count usually falls in luxury type.

How to care for a duvet

Just like any fabric product, the first thing is to follow the care instruction that are printed on that fabric.  The main reason for that is different fabrics require different degree of care when washing. After washing a duvet cover, make sure to dry it properly before storing it as it will protect the duvet cover from mildew or mold. Most duvet covers can be ironed lightly but again, do follow the instruction on the manufacturer labels to avoid damage or burn to the duvet cover.



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