Accepting Bitcoin Payments at Sunshine Linens

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We have integrated Bitcoin payments on our website allowing our customers to quickly pay for their shopping their Bitcoin wallet.

Bitcoin Accepted at Sunshine Linens

From to Expedia, over 100,000 retailers worldwide now accept payments through digital currencies. This offers their customers quick and easy transaction with less charges compare with other payment methods. Apart from online shopping, other bricks and mortar shops have also started to accept digital currencies. For example, you can pay for your car parking in Denver using Bitcoin.

Sunshine Linens have also started accepting Bitcoin payment on their website. The next phase will be to add more crypto currencies like Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin. The payments can be made using a digital wallet and offer more security and reliability. A customer wishing to use Bitcoin payment now has an option to select 'Bitcoin' as a payment method at checkout and then provide their wallet details to complete the transaction.

Bitcoin purchases are discrete. That means unlike other payment methods Bitcoin payments are not associated with personal details and thus can be executed much faster than their competitors. As a transaction doesn't carry a customer's personal and financial details, the risk of identity or card theft is eliminated.

Also as it is a peer-to-peer payment system, there is no third party like Visa or MasterCard is needed to complete the transaction thus speeding up the process and making the transaction much cheaper both for customers and merchants. 

Frequent travelers are benefiting from Bitcoin system as they have an option to book a flight and pay instantly rather than waiting for the third part confirmation before making a purchase. This saves them time especially when a traveler is already at the airport trying to catch the next available flight using online sites like Expedia.

To sum up, we will see more and more merchants accepting digital currencies on their websites. It is a new financial model that is more efficient and less expensive and at the same time more reliant.

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